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Love Rules! ACIM Lesson #352.

Judgement and love are opposites. From one Come all the sorrows of the world. But from The other comes the peace of God Himself.

Oh judgment. I may have mentioned judgement is a personal favorite of mine (insert eyeroll). You might think I have released judgement. Laid it on the alter for transformation. Been able to transcend its iron grips.


I connect with judgement so much I even judge my judgement sometimes. *Sigh*

The skinny? It’s a process.

Our world constantly reinforces judgement.

Have hair like this. Wear high wasted pants, not hip-huggers. Buy this product to make you more loveable. What is she wearing? What is he doing?

And if you try to hop off the judgement train. Well, then you are just plain naïve I’ve heard. Gullible. Setting yourself up for certain pain and heartache. You will get hurt if you aren’t in judgement the world says.

But Lesson 352 says quite the opposite. That love rules. Judgement is the source of all pain. And peace can only come when we suspend disbelief and love our compadres on this floating rock just as they are.

Sometimes more difficult? That we also give this gift of acceptance to ourselves.

So if you have a nasty little monkey brain like myself, re-write the story today. Choose to don those beautiful rose-colored glasses to see in love rather than fear. And believe in the beauty that lives within every single soul inhabiting this planet. WE are Divine. Namaste dear ones.

Shine on LightWorkers.

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