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Love, Peace & Harmony-ACIM Lesson #104

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

God’s peace & joy are mine.

My sisters and I used to play Barbies as kids. A lot.

We would spend hours choosing which Barbies we wanted. Dutifully taking turns and maturely discussing who got what (sure, it happened that way).

Half the time when we got done picking our stuffs, we didn’t have time to play. Or we were exhausted from the process.

Source tells me I do this a lot with my material possessions. I go through life picking and choosing what the next item I need to add is to my repertoire of stuff.

And when it comes time to play with it, I am often too tired or busy to recognize any happiness it gives me.

I replace the idea of joy with what my mind thinks it should be. Material possessions. Recognition. Pleasing others.

But just like my sister’s chewed off Barbie foot, none of these things are really what I want anyway. I want peace. I want happiness.

The love of Source mobilized in our lives in place of the illusion of stuff or conflict.

We are more than what we see on the news, my dear friends. Complex, loving beings with families and dreams and a kindness that every day brings me to my knees with gratitude for each of you.

Lesson 105 invites us to choose our well-deserved joy and peace my dear friends. We have earned it by our very existence. And we never need to prove it via stuff, best-behavior, or anything else the world might tell us is important.

You are Source in motion. The world needs you. Your personal brand of peace, joy, and the love that only you can give. Trade up any angst for what is yours to live. A life of never-ending beauty, purpose and a joy that passes all understanding in love.

Namaste dear friends.

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