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Love LOVE LOVE-ACIM Review IV: Lesson #144

My mind holds only what I think with God./There is no love but God’s. The world I see has nothing that I want.

When I was in middle school my church asked us to give a children’s sermon. The scripture passage was loving one-another.

Being the rebel-rouser I was, I asked the children, and the congregation if they might engage in a little experiment. One that was very simple. To hug the person next to them. To share their love with each other.

And you know what? This salt-of-the earth, mostly conservative group of small-town people did it. Freely.

Lesson 144 invites me to see my fellow hoomans a bit differently. In every moment I can choose to see a group of divisive people who have little in common with my beliefs. Or I can remember at our root. At the very core of who we are, lives love for one-another. People stopping to help change a tire on the side of the road. Giving an encouraging smile. Opening a door or laughing out loud.

Lesson 144 tells me that I have been choosing to see a world that simply doesn’t exist. There is only love. Only Source. Look again dear friends. Choose to find the love. And, oh yeah, don’t forgive to hug your nearest hooman or fur baby to remind you again-the Universe is made of love.

Namaste LightWorker!

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