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Living in a SEA of possibilities-ACIM Lesson #226

My home awaits me. I will hasten there.

According to research done by Jeremy Clifton in 2018, our basic primal beliefs about the world can be divided into 3 basic categories:

1. Safe (vs. dangerous)

2. Enticing (vs. boring)

3. Alive (vs. hamster in a wheel running the same track everyday).

AKA SEA. Clifton’s research found that those hovering on the positive end of the spectrum (Safe, Enticing, Alive) almost universally ended up with less depression, greater job satisfaction and general well-being. On the negative end of the SEA (Dangerous, Boring, Monotonous), there was a tendency to overreact to threatening situations and to even imagine threats that weren’t actually there.

Lesson 226 enthusiastically agrees with the Clifton’s research. It states that we do not need to leave this world to find its value. We can simply leave behind our perceptions about the world to find its gifts. Witnessing, instead, the home we have within.

So where will we begin today, Dear friends? By perceiving a primal belief that life is boring, dangerous, and monotonous? Or from the home that always awaits within. Safe, enticing, and alive. Swimming in a Sea of perfection. The choice, as always, is ours.

Float along today, Dear Lightworkers. Swimming in your personal sea of infinite possibilities.


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