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Lions & Tigers & Bears-Oh My!-Lesson 12 ACIM

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

Byron Katie’s The Work is based on an idea of accepting what is. Of neutrality. Of taking a look at any situation, and detaching from meaning that isn’t completely transparent. Here’s an example of the process*.

My cat shouldn’t projectile hairballs on the floor. Is it true? The cat DID, indeed projectile right? Yes. There is, in fact, tangible proof. Who would I be without this thought? Cleaning up, moving on with my day. Is there a stress free reason to re-live this thought? Nope, I’m just groundhog daying my discontent. Now turn it around. I shouldn’t have negative thoughts about the hairballs on the floor.

Ahhhh…here we go. The crux of the issue. Self-judgement.

When we look around the world we have been taught to assess our environment for threats. Tigers. Bears. Anything that would threaten our survival. The dilemma with this limbic response, is that our brain treats an immediate threat-like a panther in our path. With the same red-lit concern as my thoughts about cat puke.

Lesson 12 invites me to take a step back from these meaningless thoughts. To put a little Whoa Nelly on my upsetting thoughts and observe the world for what it really is-neutral.

Each time today you think you see a fearful, angry, crazy world, remind yourself, Lesson 12-style, that what you are seeing is a meaningless world. Neutral without the labels of good, bad or ugly that we might project on it. And suspend judgement instead. Let the reality be what it is. And love yourself for attempting the process.

Infinite love and light to you Light Chasers. Namaste.

*For more on Byron Katie’s The Work check out her website & resources:

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