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Level Up! ACIM Lesson # 165

Let not my mind deny the thought of God.

When I was a teenager I LOVED playing Super Mario Brothers. I’d master the jumps. The shortcuts. The magic mushrooms that allowed Mario to enter whole new worlds and Levels in the clouds.

But Super Mario Brothers had a catch. When you lost a life, you had to return to the beginning of your level…And replay the whole thing over again.

This frustrated me. It seemed so boring. I would often rush through the first challenges… and inadvertently loose a life from my impatience. It made the journey twice as long.

My spiritual thoughts often parallel my experiences with Super Mario. I want to learn more. I want to ‘level-up’ to a new understanding of the truth of Source in my life. But when I do this, I create a spiritual bypass of the lessons that are here for me in the now. And when I treat my experiences as a way to prove I am knowledgeable, I encourage separation. An attitude that I am different because of what I know or have experienced. Rather than connection with the Source in all.

What we know does not make us valuable. But what we share certainly does. Lesson 165 asks us to consider letting go of any thoughts that might try to convince us we are separate. To abide in the peace, quiet and calm awakening that comes with a world united. To share in the mind of God/Source. And to recognize this mind in one-another.

There is something to be learned from every experience. It is there for a reason. Choose to accept the thought of God/Source that comes from whatever experience is placed in your path today. Appreciate the simple thoughts and ideas that connect you in purity to the Source in one-another.

When I went back to play Super Mario brothers years later, I actually found it was pretty fun. Challenging again. Even at Level 1. I found nuances in the game I hadn’t noticed before. Learning something new from the novice experience. It was like I was seeing the game for the first time all over again. Experiencing it through the eyes of a newbie, gaining the wisdom of a sage.

And so it is when we recognize the mind of Source in one-another. Subtle lessons that will always Level-up our experience.

Namaste Light Workers!

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