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Let the Sunshine In! ACIM Lesson #252

The Son of God is my Identity.

It’s a gloomy day here in the Midwest. The clouds have covered the sky. The air tastes of rain and wind.

But this afternoon the Sun will come out.

Brilliant and breathtaking. Lighting up the trees and glistening in the rain drops. It will be a glorious light show. And the cool part is it’s going on right now. Behind the clouds, just waiting to burst through into my consciousness.

Lesson 252 wants you to know that your true identity is beyond your greatest dreams. Bigger, brighter, more luminescent than your greatest imaginings of brilliance. At once limitless. And filled with an intensity holding within it the quiet certainty of knowing who you are.

This strength doesn’t come from what’s in front of the clouds either. But from our Source shining brightly within. Awaken dear friends. The Light of Heaven is indeed restored in you.

You were never this body.

These circumstances.

Or that coffee stain on your shirt.

You are more. You are the Divine revealed behind the clouds of this world. Destined to shine.

Beautiful in the power of your awakening.

Namaste LIghtWorker!

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