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Let's, Go To, The Movies....ACIM Review #1: Lesson 53

More greatest hits in Review. Brought to you by ACIM:

Lesson #11: (My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless word.) Our lives are a picture-show. And when I believe that the plot, I am watching is who the characters and situations really are-I’m just fooling myself into believing a story that doesn’t really exist. When I investigate the truth behind my false perception-I find the real story. Love and Divinity within all I see.

Lesson #12: (I am upset because I see a meaningless world). When I see said picture show as reality, it causes me to feel nervous, scared, and uncertain. It creates chaos. Because there is a disconnect between the ending I see in the movie and what is really possible (Spoiler Alert: what is Divinely possible is waaaaay more awesome than anything Hollywood could come up with).

Lesson #13: (A meaningless world engenders fear.) When I am running around trying to fit my life into the box of my movie plot, I get scared. Because my life doesn’t feel like it’s measuring up to my expectations. Because it doesn’t fit into the box of what society might say is what I should want or what is acceptable. When I can let go of this madness, I stop suffering and trust that there is a beautiful one-ness that offers a different, breathtaking landscape-just outside of the edge of my false perceptions.

Lesson #14: (God did not create a meaningless world.) Divine is awesome. Period. And the Divinity within each of us creates amazing. And, bonus reel: We are Divine in action. So why do I keep rewatching this terrible movie that has an unhappy ending? We get to choose which movie we watch. And choose again when necessary…And again…And again…

Lesson #15: (My thoughts are images which I have made.) The skinny: If we aren’t sure which motion picture we are choosing-we have only to take a peek at the world we are seeing right meow. If we are seeing hate, uncertainty, or judgement-It is an opportunity to choose again. Is what we see love? Or is it fear? Divine asks today that we choose love.

Namaste Light Workers!

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