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Let it Go....Let it Goooooo. ACIM Review V: Lesson # 173

God is Love and therefore so am I./I will step back and let Source lead the way. I walk with God/Source in perfect holiness.

(Are you beginning to see a theme here? We are LOVE my friends.)

I maaaay have mentioned I am a bit of a control freak right? Several. Hundred. Times.

And I was tested, dear friends. Very, very recently on this life’s lesson.

I went on vacation. *Gasp* Yes. Vacation.

But here’s the kicker. My youngest (cat-child) was ill.

Well, not ill per se. He had suffered an injury. Endured the cone of shame after a puncture wound. He promptly self-discarded said cone. And we had graduated to T-shirts of shame (yes, I did pick them out after a few sleepless nights with him). See pic for details.

He was on the upswing, but not fully healed. What to do?

I debated. Should I go? Should I stay?

There is a tenant in spirituality about letting go. About allowing. About releasing attachment to outcomes and control and… just allowing Source to lead the way.

I didn’t know what to do. So I prayed. And I left on vacation. And I (mostly) let go to allow myself to live in the moment.

Lesson 173 reminds me that when I feel stressed, I can always choose to take a leap of faith. To try to walk with Source and trust its holiness in my life. To understand that where the Universe leads me is always a place of love and acceptance for what is in front of me. No matter what the consequence.

When I returned my baby’s wound was almost healed. My blessed Angels had not only taken care of him, but had gone beyond my wildest expectations to heal him significantly in the moment.

What is the Love of God in our lives friends? Greater than we could ever imagine.

Namaste Dear Ones!

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