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Let Go of the Wheel-ACIM Lesson #74

There is no will but God’s.

You may not know this, but my Mom was a baller. She had an old muscle car she used to race on the back-roads a bit. You know the ones with the huge engines that chugged down a gazillion gallons of gas?

Yup. My mom had one. And we still have it, to this day.

When we were kids we played in the car. As adults we longed to drive it.

But here’s the catch-No power steering.

No power steering?!?! Can you believe that shift?

And without power steering I am incapable of steering that car in any direction.

Lesson 74 reminds me that when I embroil myself in conflict, it’s very much like trying to drive that old car without power steering. I might believe I have control. But it’s more likely that I’ll just wind up in a ditch somewhere without a Triple-A card.

But there’s another option. When I choose peace instead. When I can give up control. When I trust the driving of a licensed professional (aka the Universe) my ride is waaay smoother. And I can enjoy the awesome scenery.

If we forget today, ACIM provides these nice words to remind us:

I am at peace. Nothing can disturb me. Conflict is a meaningless illusion. There is no will but the Divine.

The Universe can take the wheel sweet souls. The Divine is an expert driver. Be at peace with where the Divine within longs to take you. To a life beyond your greatest imaginings.

Happy Peace Seeking today dear friends.


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