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Learning to Skydive into Awesome-ACIM Lesson # 8o

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

My partner has an interesting rule around emails that charge him. 24 hours. 24 hours he waits (or tries to wait) before responding to an email that pushed his buttons.

24 hours. Wait.

The funny thing is that during the, sometimes agonizing, 24 hour wait period, the issue almost universally resolves itself. The receipt a person needed would be found. The documentation would get done. Sometimes the charged person would even email back apologizing for having a bad day.


Lesson 80 reminds me that most of my troubles are like the initial emails my husband waits to send. I think that I am the only one who can provide the solution. That if I don’t take the wheel my life right away, the world will certainly derail off the tracks.

But the truth is that the Universe always has a solution. I believe I need control when I’m attached to an outcome. When I believe the lives or circumstances I envision I should receive are mine to live.

You might be thinking. Well Estelle, if I don’t do it who will? How will anything ever get done?

I am finding more and more, in my tiny little corner of the world, that when I interfere, my life becomes so much about me that I obscure the Divine life I was born to live.

So, by all means, if there is action to be done and your heart is aligned-Do the thing that needs to be done.

But if you take some time and space from your response, and see that you are not of Divine mind-I suggest trying out surrendering to see where your highest self might take you instead.

Working from a place of Divine peace and centeredness is not always my default. Especially when my problems seem bigger than a cement truck full of attitude. But it is an evolution of consciousness I can strive to live in each individual moment. Recognizing that the Divine has my back, and is just waiting for me to skydive into awesome.

Happy Divine Surrendering Dear ones!

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