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Just Breathe...ACIM Lesson #254

Let every voice but God’s be still in me.

Tama Kieves, one of my favorite authors, theorizes the way we know we are out of the present moment. A way to recognize the madness of our monkey-minds-anxiety.

When unexplained worry or fears show up, Kieves postulates, it is usually because we are thinking about a moment that has passed. Or one that hasn’t arrived yet.

Her advice? Slow our breathing and return to alignment with what is right in front of us. Right. Now. Right this second. Go ahead. Try it.

Breathe in….and out. Feel better? I know I do.

The bonus? This also enables us to hear the Voice of Source. In the deepest silence. The voice in the quiet whispering to us beneath the loud chattering of our ego or to-do list.

Today Lesson 254 invites us to be still. To listen for the voice of truth just waiting for us beyond any noise or darkness. We release our ego’s insistence that it can control our destiny and let the truth of who we are lead us to where we were always meant to go. We flow. In alignment.

How to do?

Be the observer. Breathe slowly. Be present to what is. Be here instead of focusing on any work our ego-mind contends should be. And watch the magic that happens as a result.

Wishing you the most amazing moments today Dear Ones. Namaste Lightworkers.

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