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Judging Our Judgement

“Every time you judge someone you are punishing that person for not following agreements they never made”-Miguel Ruiz Jr., Mastery of Self

One of the most difficult lessons for me to learn as a lightworker has been that being a spiritualist doesn’t give me a free pass on making less than perfect decisions. I assumed, when joining this club, the spiritualists I most admire like Wayne Dyer or Oprah lived in this Zen place of peace 24-7. That all of my worry and self-doubt would just magically float away on a cloud of fairy dust.

Evidently not so much. Wayne Dyer, renowned spiritualist, tells this great story where he is working in his office. He is looking for a particular document he can’t find and when he can’t find it he starts screaming and cursing loudly (sacrilege). He stated that as soon as he takes a step back from the frustration, of course, he finds the document and he is chagrined at his outburst.

The lesson I take from this story is that no one is perfect all of the time. I mean, if even Wayne Dyer loses it once and awhile there is hope for the rest of us. Our spirituality is not defined by our own less than perfect moments or our judgments of ourselves and others. It is our ability to endure, and maybe even (on a good day), learn from these moments that defines us. Knowing that even when we are spewing expletives, we can return to our true north-guided by our center.

Challenge for today: Spew a bunch of expletives-aka curse a slew of nastiness. That’s right. Get it out. If you do not curse feel free to gosh-darn to yourself or just scream aloud in your car for a moment. Indeed. I give you permission. Now take a minute and see how you feel. Feel better? Relieved? I promise your spiritual card has not been revoked. Rinse and repeat as needed.

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