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Joy, joy, joy, joy. Down in my heart. ACIM Lesson #355

There is no end to all the peace and joy And all the miracles that I will give When I accept God’s word. Why not today?

Sometimes I have a little habit psych experts call fortune-telling. I try to predict my future. Manipulate it. Massage it into truffle-like balls of goodness.

But my higher self needs none of this manipulation.

Lesson 355 reminds me that I don’t need to focus on a dead past or unknown future to find my joy. To experience my peace. Why not today?

How to do in a busy season? Simply ask. Reach out our tiny paws in gratitude. Remember the gifts that we give when we remember we are light eternal. Glowing with the peace of God/Divine inside us.

Namaste LightWorker.

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