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Jack's Beanstalk

Those of you who have been around me for awhile may have heard me talk about Pam Grout.

Pam Grout is an author, travel writer & miracle manifester extraordinaire from Lawrence, KS. She is brave, honest and super-duper fun.

Enter her book E Squared.

E Squared is a book of energy experiments geared towards noticing the miracles in our lives that happen every day. The premise is-we get so busy that it is easy to overlook the amazing blessings all around us.

Her experiments attempt to slow us down juuust a bit, and allow us to notice the beauty that is always present.

I love these experiments. Recently I recruited my partner to try one. In it, you take two green been seeds, put them in soil and simply encourage the seed on the left (trying not to mix them up lol) to grow a bit taller.

It’s fun. A week later check the results.

Pictured above are my seeds of greatness. See the one on the left? Noticeably taller. It even had a bit deeper soil to push through. (AND a bonus seed I accidentally included)

Our lives are like these seeds sometimes. Whether it is encouraging a friend, or remembering to encourage ourselves, the narrative we put out there matters.

There is beauty and growth to be had in all of our moments. When we get distracted we can let the voices in our head go rogue. They can skydive through our lives at breakneck speed leaving a wake of negativity or discouragement.

Today I am reminded that the seeds we plant can grow into something beautiful instead. The stories we tell ourselves and others can feed the world with love-with just the tiniest bit of encouragement.

What will you tell the seeds of greatness growing within you today?

Here’s a start-You are magnificent, worthy and loved. Namaste dear ones.

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