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It Begins with a Single Thought-ACIM Review IV: Lesson #149

My mind holds only what I think with God./When I am healed, I am not healed alone. Heaven is a decision I must make.

When I see external unrest, it is easy to see the world as a threatening place. To slide back into a space of angst or anger. WHY must we do this to ourselves I often ask myself in these moments.

Lesson 149 reminds me that Heaven is not a place, but a decision we make in every moment. To choose a grievance, or to invite the miracle that already is. And each time we choose to see what isn’t there-greed, struggle-we give more power to ideas we do not want to create.

What to do? Heal the thought. It starts from the inside. One thought at a time. One small step where we change a single idea.

Just one.

From unrest to love. From hate to compassion. It starts with you. With this single holy moment. And with it, you will heal the world.

Thoughts are like dominos of good that can cascade to transform the world to a place of wholeness and peace. We get what we believe. We see what we look for (remember the yellow butterflies?).

Find the peace in your mind sweet friends. Seek the thoughts that encourage who you want to be today. Who you already are in truth. And watch these thoughts heal the world. One yellow butterfly at a time.

Light & Love to you LightChaser! Namaste.

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