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Insane in the Membrane! ACIM Preface for Lessons 251-261

What is sin?

The precursor to lessons 251-260 brings out the heavy hitters. The age-old question of sin and religion. Are we truly, as Jonathan Edwards once alluded, destined to burn in the inferno of our own misdeeds?

This preface in ACIM tells us not so much. That sin is not, as we may have been taught, a burning ring of fire. It is simply an illusion of insanity we have created. AKA the misnomer that what we use our 5 senses for is unequivocally real. That there is nothing else.

The question What is Sin? Encourages us to remember that to sense is not to know. That there is an unquestionable core of knowing within each of us that is unshakable to the illusions experienced by the body. That our unconscious bias will always trick us into looking for confirmation of what our senses tell us is true. To the exclusion of what is reality.

Can’t tell the difference? Ask yourself this: Is it frightening? If it is, it’s a great indication your monkey-mind is playing games with you.

And in case you need to hear it today sin is a misperception of our minds. A passing fancy. Truth is changeless my friends. Love is everlasting. And your spirit is eternal.


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