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In-Joy ACIM Review #2: Lesson 86

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Only God’s plan for salvation will work/Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation

I have mentioned I am a bit of a hidden pictures afficionado right?

Okay, so I play the kids game in Highlights quite a bit.

The one where you look for pictures hidden within a bigger picture. I get really serious about this game sometimes. Looking for the boot in the octopus.

Big time important stuff in my day.

Sometimes, I get so serious looking for the little objects, I forget to enjoy the game.

Lesson #86 reminds me that life is similar to a game of hidden pictures. In looking for what we think we should see or find, it can be easy to loose sight of the bigger picture. To know that our true salvation lies, not in the details that life may throw at us, but in the joy of playing the game. Of being in-joy with what life has to offer, hidden just beneath the octopus of my perceptions.

So I can choose to search wildly for the boot of what will save me. Something outside of myself. One more compliment. Another pair of shoes. Even one more epiphany to validate my existence. But like my elusive boot, I will never find myself there.

Instead I can remember that our awareness is our seeing. The all revealing light of hope which reveals the insanity of looking for a grievance rather than a blessing. An exchange of attack or blame for our salvation of love. Revealing the light of forgiveness which is the only way to our best tomorrow in joy.

Enjoy the picture in the joy you find today my sweet friends! Namaste.

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