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I AM Light-ACIM Review VI-Lesson #207

I am not a body I am free. For I am still as God/Source created me./I bless the world because I bless myself.

I work in a hospital most days. It is chaotic sometimes. There is a lot going on. And people there, understandably, don’t exactly feel even-keel. Including those that work there.

After rounding one day, a student gave me the kindest note. It said: Thank you for bringing light & joy to rounds. I carry it with me everywhere.

I tell this story not to give myself kudos, but to remind you that you are a light. Just by being yourself. I didn’t do anything special as I was rounding with my teams of students. All I did was let the light shine through me.

And so do you.

Every stinkin’ day. You wake up. And Source shines through you like a rainbow of love into the world. And, like me, you probably don’t even know it. But the world does.

Lesson 207 invites you to remember this joy. To remember this peace. The one you exude effortlessly by blessing this world with your light. Lesson 207 asks that you rest in the confidence of knowing you are a blessed child of the All-That-Is. Blessing the world with your endless joy. The joy that lives within yourself.

In gratitude for your luminous light. Namaste LightWorker.

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