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I AM Light-ACIM Lesson #61

I AM the light of the World.

Today’s ACIM Lesson is a big one. Being the light of the WORLD? Sounds like a big responsibility.

But here’s the skinny: You. Already. Are.

Whaaaat? Our Asshats would have us believe that we are small. That we couldn’t possibly impact all of the strife, unrest and uncertainty that we see as the world.

But this is just a method of control our ego uses to keep us small. To limit our unlimited light from illuminating the darkness.

Our ego loves to tell us we aren’t good enough. Smart enough. Capable enough. BRIGHT enough to make a difference. But I’m here to tell you…those voices are self-deception. The arrogance that you could be anything other than how Source created us-an inferno of love igniting compassion in our sisters and brothers.

Picture a flame. A single spark in the darkest of nights. It doesn’t cast a wide net. It doesn’t seem to put out much light.

Then picture a rock concert, full of lighters swaying with the beat of the music. The energy. The joy. The FIRE those flames cast into the night. And understand the power each spark can provide when mobilized together.

Listen to the fire in your heart my dear friends. Tell me that this is not the pure truth resonating with who you are. Who you were created to be.

If you have ever wondered what your life’s purpose might be, the heart of it is this: To be the Light of the Divine. Anchored in the essence of your Divinity. And this light allows others to step into their light as well. To be present to the powerful Divinity that is expressed as each of them. That may be hidden in the darkness of their own self-doubt and fears.

Go in Peace, Lesson 61 states. Knowing that this powerful gift is yours to share. In every encounter. With every smile. With every kindness. You are changing the world. And inviting every life you touch to do the same.

Any time you feel fear, uncertainty or self-doubt today remind yourself that you are the light of the world. Shine brightly Light Chasers.

We need you.


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