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I AM-Lesson 24 ACIM

I do not perceive my own best interests.

Intentions are asks from the Universe. They are clear statements about what we want in life.

Some intentions begin with ‘I am’ (i.e. I am full of health and vitality, I am fearless).

Some simply state what a person really wants (i.e. I intend to not eat a whole sleave of Oreo cookies tonight). Intentions can be simple. Complicated. Divine.

I make intentions all the time without realizing it.

One of the ways I make unintentional intentions is when it comes to my feelings.

I’ll say, for example I am angry. I am irritated. But am I? AM I really?

The truth is that I am not my feelings. These are emotions I express but they are not the whole of who I am. But sometimes I can’t tell the difference.

Lesson 24 reminds me that I don’t always know my own feelings, intentions or best interests. The ones I send out to the Universe.

And it invites me to take another look. To truly ask what I would really like to happen-and to entertain the possibility that I might be sending mixed messages to the All-that-Is.

For example, I can say I feel irritated that my cat likes to walk on my face at 3 AM. But I AM calm. Just a little reframe to open to the possibility that when we send out a clear signal-the Universe always delivers.

Happy I AM-ing today Dear Friends.

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