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Heaven is a Place on Earth...Acim Lesson #249

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

I love a good 80’s ballad. Especially from Belinda Carlisle. Belinda Carlisle, aka Lindy Jo,(as all her good buds like me would call her) sang a little ditty in the 80’s called Heaven is a place on Earth. It was a love ballad about two peeps feeling lost in one-another. But the lyrics speak to me now in another way using the context of ACIM.

Hang with me.

Carlisle sings of Love coming before Heaven enters the picture. Of fears being transcended in favor of-you guessed it-A MIRACLE.

Lindy Jo definitely read ACIM in the 80’s methinks. She wraps up by reminding us that its our goal to make Heaven a place on Earth.

And so does Lesson 249.

Lesson 249 speaks of a world that is full of joy, abundance, charity, and giving. Where there is no suffering or anger-only Light from Heaven reflected right here on earth.

We, too, like Lindy Jo, have been afraid of the world. Frightened of violence and endings. But Heaven has been waiting for us all along. Only masked by the very illusions of loss we misperceived as reality.

When we rest in Source a miracle transforms us. Creates Heaven on Earth. And what my friend Lindy Jo & I know, my Dear Miracle Workers is what this version of Heaven is worth. Priceless.

Forgive the thought today. Choose again. Choose to see the Heaven behind any mad charade of suffering this world may try to convince you is reality. Meet your personal Heaven on Earth.

And enjoy the miracle of living, that has always been yours to live.

Namaste LightWorker!

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