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Heaven is a Place on Earth-ACIM Lesson # 138

Heaven is a decision I must make.

Anyone out there enjoy the Wheel of Fortune? My partner loves the Wheel. He watches it almost every night.

For the uninitiated, folks on the gameshow spin a wheel. Land on a monetary amount. Then try to guess letters in a phrase. It’s like wordle, with rewards.

When watching the other night, I noticed there was a new option on the wheel to receive high dollars-like $3500. But there was a catch. The contestant couldn’t miss a letter. Not a single one. If they did, they lost all the dollar bills.

Yipes. But this contestant was ballsy. She went for it….Then lost everything.

Sometimes we are faced with similar high stakes decisions. To risk it all for unstable rewards. Or to play it safe in what we know is true.

Lesson 138 reminds me that, unlike this contestant, there is only one choice to make. We can believe we can lose it all. That every decision we make is so monumental it could cause us to have nothing. Or we can choose to believe the truth. That the Universe is our Source. Creation knows no opposite.

In this we can rest in knowing we always have the opportunity to choose again. To choose the only option that endures-Only love is real. All else is prize money waiting to slip away from the shifting sand of our lives. It is our holy choice, our holy opportunity to choose.

There is a difference between receiving and doing. Striving. Or letting go. Putting effort into what can only be effortless. Creating terror, anxiety, and walls of protection against that which is eternal.

Let Heaven reveal what is truth my friends. Beauty beyond any misperceptions. Heaven as a place on earth. Fortune as our Divine right. It is the only truth our Soul seeks to realize.

Namaste Sweet Angels!

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