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Groping for the Light-ACIM Lesson #75

The light has come.

Sometimes I need to get up in the middle of the night. It’s not pretty.

I wander around, knocking into the corner of the bedpost. Sometimes I run into the (understandably irritated) cat who meows at me. I blindly paw my way to the bathroom like a flesh monkey in a banana store.

But once I reach my destination, the glorious light switch is always waiting. Like a faithful friend it lives on my wall. Waiting to show me the way (and encouraging less bruising, of course.)

Lesson 75 declares, magnificently, that the light has come. That despite all of our groping around in the darkness. Believing turmoil is real-the truth awaits.

Spoiler alert-The truth is the World is light.

On this day, Lesson 75 invites us to begin anew. To start fresh with the nightlight of our peace and serenity as our foundation. As our beacon for those still lost in the darkness. And then to navigate smoothly to our destination. The beautiful truth that his World is light, glowing beneath the surface of our false perceptions.

And once I can look past any grudges, judgements, hatred and greed, I find, through the blessing of forgiveness, the real World just waiting to be seen. Like a light switch in the night.

Choose to see things differently today my sweet friends. Understand the certainty and peace that comes with knowing the World of your dreams has always lived there. Waiting patiently for your recognition of the serenity that waits in celebration of a New Earth. Healed. Whole. A light infinitely present to the eyes of your true vision.

Namaste LightChasers, Shine on!

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