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Going Rogue...ACIM Lesson #76

I am under no laws but God’s.

I was a compliant child. Pretty docile. Laid back even. This complacency has followed me through much of my life. But I secretly loved stories of people who were born spunky. The legends of people who defied authority to live their truth. Joan of Arc. Nelson Mandela. They crushed it.

I was not one of these people. I played by the rules. I obeyed the asks. I inwardly cringed at making my family uncomfortable or upset. And while these can be wonderful attributes, I secretly wanted to knock down the perfectly stacked dominoes of life.

Lesson 76 gives me a 24/7 permission slip to defy the laws of what I have known. To supersede any history born in lack, anger, judgement or the norms. To explore the infinitely beautiful of all that can be when I let go of my limited ideas of how I should show up in the world.

It reminds me that all of the things of this world-green slips of paper, metal discs, politics, are really just a mirage of my making. A paradigm we’ve collectively agreed to live and adhere to.

It can be uncomfortable to break the rules. Don’t speak until spoken to. Eat all of your liver. But this is just an old powerless story we are being called back to in the comfort of the known. And while we do live in this world collectively and kindness is key, we were made for more than exchanging paper slips and living in fear of what has not yet occurred.

Lesson 76 invites me to be a bit of a rule breaker. A rebel even. To prioritize the open channel we always have to the Divine. And to live as the Universe intended us to be in every moment. Free.

And while I don’t necessarily advocate for robbing a bank or running naked through a pavilion, I am a big fan of breaking out of the shell we create for ourselves by inviting in what is inspiring to us in the moment.

To be present to the Universal, rather than commercial, plan for our lives.

Live in the moment. Invite the wisdom. It lives in each of us. Just waiting for us to rebel beyond the known. Into the transcendent.

Namaste sweet friends.

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