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Goal! ACIM Lesson #256

God is the only goal I have today.

I have mentioned in blog posts ( past that I maaaayyy have a busy brain. I love a good to-do list.

And although crossing off my to-do’s never fails to give me a little thrill, it can also take me away from my truth when it drowns out that still small voice.

Perhaps you know this voice-it is there when we are at peace in meditation. Or simply when we remember to take a breath in calm quiet.

Lesson 256 reminds me that although I believe my checklists are who I am, the truth is much, much deeper. My actions are but a dream compared to the All-That-Is. Not even a foreshadowing of our innate infinite possibilities.

And when I can remember to let go. To make the divine my only priority. To allow this sweet, sweet voice to take the wheel of my day. I open myself up for some pretty amazing miracles to enter my life.

Live open my friends, and see where this one wild miraculous life might take you.

Namaste Lightworker!

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