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Gently...GENTLY. ACIM Lesson #265

Creation’s gentleness is all I see.

Did you really think you were going to escape the week without a cat story?

Nay-nay my dear friends. I deliver. I am nothing if not consistent.

Last night I was sleeping with my oldest cat-child, Punch. In the middle of the night bush-kitty, CJ, jumped up on the bed suddenly.


It startled Punch & out of a dead sleep. Punch began to growl. Obviously displeased. But I remained uncharacteristically calm.

He didn’t mean to startle us. I said with almost zen-like (aka sleep-deprived) calm. Then I put a loving hand on Punch & we all went back to sleep.


If you’ve read my blog before, you know what a rare occasion this is between our two cats. Almost nonexistent.

What CJ taught Punch & I is the same story from Lesson 265. What we perceived as an attack, was really just our incoherent minds putting together a story we didn’t understand. Filling in pieces according to our need for safety. And fearing the unknown outside of us.

Lesson 265 asks us to choose again. To be, instead, calm in peace, which is always ours within. In this we rest in the celestial gentleness where creation shines. Letting any appearance of fear which eclipses our light fade into the night.

Rest in gentleness, Dear Lightworkers. Let the reflection of the light of Source be all you see today. And believe in the promise of a tomorrow of unexpected possibilities.


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