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Fronting-ACIM Lesson #129

Beyond this world there is a world I want.

My hometown was founded a hot minute ago. A small town in rural Missouri (see pic.), it came to be in 1857. In 1857 the cool kids loved to put a false front on buildings. This gave the building a little savoir fare. Some style. And it made them appear to be a bigger deal than what was immediately apparent.

It was intended to make peeps want to shop there. Within the actual building. Where the goods really were.

Lesson 129 cautions us to ignore the false fronts of our reality. To look a little deeper to find the real goods of life. Beyond the world we think we see. It challenges us to question what we think is there. To let go of what we think we value (i.e. material possessions, business, lack). To look beyond the obvious and receive what truly is.

The things of this world are impermanent, a false front of things that will turn to dust.

And if we seek peace in a world of illusion, we simply get more illusion. A fabricated cartoon front of what really is. Hiding the amazing that waits when we choose to look beyond the gigantic wall of what seems to be.

The silver lining is this: Waiting beyond the loss, the hate, the vengeance lives an abundant store of infinite happiness. A love that never ends. The knowing that is our one-ness.

Let go of the illusion dear friends. Step into the timelessness of who you really are.

Use this Sutra when you need a boost:

Beyond this world there is a world I want,

I choose to see that world instead of this,

For here is nothing that I really want.

The truth lives. Within you. Beyond any false fronts you may appear to be. You are timeless. Limitless. Infinite possibility. The light of Heaven bending to your luminous soul. For nothing is ever lost that truly is.

Happy soul searching Dear LightWorkers! Namaste.

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