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Free Man Walking. ACIM Preface to Lessons #261-270, What is the Body?

My neighbors have two lovely dogs. They love to roam around in their backyard. Playing. Barking. Frolicking.

One of the dogs is a super big dog. He could easily jump the fence. Run away. But he chooses to stay put. He doesn’t even consider going outside of the boundaries of his existence.

ACIM Preface to Lessons 261-70 reminds us that we are very much like this beautiful pup-living inside the fence our body creates. We put this fence up-a barrier-to ensure our safety. But our body is only a temporary stop on our journey. It can be a vehicle for fear. Or a vehicle for love. And we choose what freedom in this vehicle we pursue.

We can choose to live within the fence-a seeming hell without escape. Or choose to walk the path-to walk the road our Soul calls us to. To heal our minds with this balm of freedom.

When we remember that love is our safety in this life. Our very Souls. Not any false illusions of impermanence or limits. We are free. We are free. We are free.

Jump the fence friends. Walls cannot hold you. Love is your safety. Fear, like my neighbors fence, is just an imaginary barrier, enacted by our minds. Identify with love and you are home. Identify with love, and find your Self.

Namaste FreedomWalker

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