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For Taz-ACIM Lesson #222

God/Source is with me. I live and breathe in Him.

Can you say extension of yesterday! Whoa.

Lesson 222 reminds me that God/Source is, is, IS in everything.

That angry customer service rep? God Is.

That person who just cut you off in traffic? God Is.

The dirt on your carpet tracked in by your beloved? You guessed it-God Is that too.

While this may SOUND about as appealing as a bath of fire, Lesson 222 tells us it is much more like a warm blanket. Remembering that we don’t have to do it all. Accomplish perfection. Have a wonderful attitude all the time. Or even remember not to curse at that beloved driver.

When we can give it up. When we can release. When we can offer our actions up to the Universe to live, move, and direct us to our next right action-we become safe as kittens in my living room (spoiler alert: I am a huge cat person). We have all the kindness, care, love and light we can possibly desire. We are love and loved just that much.

How to get there when engaging with the aforementioned angry rep? Just ask. Ask to shine with Source in truth. Source is within everyone, waiting to be seen. Especially in those who need to remember their light most. But this exercise is not for them-It’s for us. To remember to shine the light. To be the spark that ignites the world in its illumination. To be the fire of God/Source in everyone we see.

Rest in the Peace of God Is today Dear LightWorker. And receive the beacon of light that is always yours to live.


PS: A Living embodiment of God/Source is author Pam Grout's daughter Taz. She had an energy and light that Pam continue to spread today through her 222 Foundation. As it's ACIM Lesson #222 I highly encourage you to check out the foundation HERE!

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