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Flesh Monkeys-ACIM Review #2: Lesson #84

Love created me like itself.

I love Halloween. Yes, yes, I understand it’s out of season. But I love it year 'round.

The costumes. The candy. Kids all dressed up as their favorite character.

But dressing up in costume every day would probably be frowned upon if, say, I went to work in March as a superhero. They maaay give me the side-eye.

Lesson #84 reminds me that I often do this very thing on the daily. I dress up in this meat suit and pretend it is who I am. That my suffering, loss, and illusions are all my reality.

The truth is I am a superhero every day. I am not just a body, but a soul. And anything else I bring to the table, is just a scary misrepresentation of the Love I am as a reflection of Source.

Love holds no grievances.

I love the show resident alien (Thank you Kristen). The premise is an alien in a dude’s form pretending to be human.

He’s funny, he’s awkward. He really doesn’t know how to behave as we humans do.

Lesson #84 part deux reminds me that I too become an awkward alien when I choose to attack something that comes my way. It says we really have only two choices-a grievance or a miracle/aka love. And we lose ourselves when we get lost in the grievances.

So next time I want to mobilize that not-so-pretty middle finger after getting cut off in traffic, I’ll try to remember this is just a sweet brother/or sister in alien’s (aka flesh monkey) clothing. And I will remember that they are truly just a disowned part of myself, waiting for the tolerance my love can give.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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