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Finding What Is-ACIM Review 1: Lesson #52

Today is another ACIM Greatest Hits version 2.0. A collection of reviews of what the Course has covered so far. Here’s my personal highlight reel.

Lesson #6 (I am upset because I see what's not there): I am a magician. When I am upset, I am Houdini. I replace what is real-love and acceptance (especially of myself)-with the smoke & mirrors of uncertainty. Never fear, the Divine is beautiful, majestic & unchangeable.

Lesson #7 (I see only the past): I am a judge. I look at everything I see as World War III, waiting to happen. By battling these unseen enemies, I bring everyone else to my own personal war. But these are just shadows. Remnants of a past I created in my mind. When I can choose to lay down the sword & see what is right in front of me-living in my present-I find I truly need nothing more than I already abundantly have. There are no enemies. No one trying to hijack me. Other than my own thoughts. In the present, I choose love instead.

Lesson #8 (My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts): I am a time traveler. I believe I can Back to the Future myself into reliving what I never wanted to go through in the first place. Make sense? No. No it doesn’t. And by thinking about what went wrong all day, I waste this present, beautiful moment where my cat is softly purring at my side. *Sigh* glorious.

Lesson #9 (I see nothing as it is now): I am spiritually blind. I can not see. There is only this present moment. All else is illusion. Or me creating a story that simply does not exist when I ask myself (thank you Byron Katie)-Is it true? Is it REALLY true? Truth is this moment. And I want it to be a great one.

Lesson #10 (My thoughts do not mean anything): I am a puzzle piece. I think that I am separate. Running around with my rough edges. Insisting I don’t fit….But once I gel with my Divinely appointed peeps-I see the big picture. That we are already whole. We are beautiful. We are Divine. And our thoughts are really just part of the great Universal source energy that wants nothing more than a 1000-piece landscape of joy and happiness.

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