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Finding the Soul in Our Fellow Beloveds. ACIM Lesson #311

I judge all things as I would have them be.

Politics are running loud and proud in the US right now. Endless advertisements for one politician vs. another. Diatribes of why this person’s character falls short of the mark. It’s enough to make a girl pull the covers over her head and call it a day.

Before it even begins.

There are lots of thoughts about what this person has or hasn’t done during their term in office. So it’s easy to do a little ‘what-if’ about the changes we believe are essential. A little casual shoulding on our neighbors or elected officials.

Lesson 311 asks that I pull these covers right back to reveal who I am really serving with my shades of judgement. Where my heart is when I engage with dialogue that doesn’t resonate with my Soul.

311 tells us that judgment is really just a weapon for separation. For blame and shame. For seeing a limited slice of reality and experience in someone. And calling this the totality of what is. Even with the best of intentions, this judgement is just a mirage of the greater truth. We are one-ness that can never be separated.

Today I invite you to let God/Source’s eyes realign you with the truth in our beloveds dear friends. And if we can’t-allow Source to take the wheel. When we can give up trying to control the journey of another, we remember this is a journey only theirs to live.

It is a burden we would release from the weight of our labels for one-another. And in this release comes a simultaneous release of the judgements we carry for ourselves. Source sees your earth siblings for the light-beings they are. And as it does, it reminds you of the perfection of this journey within yourself.

Namaste Truth Seeker. Shine on!

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