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Finding Peace is Easier than Nemo-ACIM Lesson #230

Now will I seek and find the peace of God.

In Buddhism there is a well-known practice called Metta or Maitri. Metta is simply a lovingkindness practice where the practitioner sends unconditional friendliness, safety, and peace to not only others, but themselves. The practice is built upon a foundation of compassion. That we can see the suffering or struggles of others within ourselves and that we wish that everyone, including ourselves reach a place of peace.

The practice includes a brief mantra (a phrase impressed with meaning), aka prayer, that often goes something like this:

May we be safe, may we be well, may we live in peace.

Lesson 230 confirms this everlasting peace is all we truly are. All we will ever be. That despite the broken dishes, endless delays, and angry words life sometimes contains, we are forever in peace. Deep down inside.

It is the very stuffs we are created from. A peace beyond time and understanding. An infinite strand of our very being, closer than our DNA.

It waits shining unchanged and patient. Closer than our very breath. And we have only to call upon it to enact these latent genes of light. To make it happen? Try the Metta:

May I be safe, may I be well, may I live in peace.

Seek and you shall find Dear LightWalkers. In Peace & Love.


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