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Finding Inspiration-ACIM Review VI: Lesson #205

I am not a body I am free. For I am still as God created me./I want the peace of God.

Whenever I get a little discouraged about the state of the world. Whenever I feel a little out of peace. Out of my orbit. I visit a certain website. It is not Facebook. Or Instagram (okay so sometimes I go into the scrollwars with myself).

These brave kids are doing all sorts of amazing. From granting small wishes to nursing home seniors. Creating dolls to reflect Diverse ethnic backgrounds. And creating saleable products out of ocean trash….and donating much of the proceeds. These kids are saving the world and their neighborhoods one step at a time.

I highly recommend the read.

These kids already know Lesson 205. That they are works of Divinity in motion. Finding peace through their good deeds and creative ideas. And guess what? The good news is this is our future. It truly IS inspiring. And as a part of the body of God-they are part of us too.

Now if that doesn’t give you hope today…Well, I’ll give up peanut butter for a month.

Happy mini-LightChaser Day my friends.

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