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Finding Inner Sanctuary. ACIM Lesson #245

Your peace is with me, Father I am safe.

In my hometown church there is a sanctuary. It was a haven for me in many ways. A place where I could connect with spirit beyond any teenage angst and fear of not belonging. Every Christmas we would have a candlelight service. It was sacred. The lights turned low. The hush of voices. Even the lilting, sometimes broken voices, singing Silent Night in German.

There was something about that space that’s stayed with me. A place of peace. An island of calm that has fused with my core and remained in times of trouble.

And I wonder if you, too, Lightworkers have a core island of calm within? A safe space that no one can touch. A place of respite and peace that is connected with your very DNA.

How do you access it? In what memories do you find it?

Lesson 245 reminds us that this peace is always around us, like a beautiful aura of light and love. Despite any external conflict, strife, or challenges that arise, we are safe within Source/God’s peace. And you bring this peace to everyone you meet.

Lesson 245 steps up the game even more when it asks the Universe to send us those in most need of this safe space in their own lives. To show them the way to their own personal sanctuaries.

Today may we bring this Source of peace with us in every interaction we receive. To share the gift of our safe place with those who need it most. And to find the light of hope and happiness that is always ours to live.

Namaste LightWorker.

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