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Falling in Love with Monkeys-ACIM Lesson 45

God is the Mind with which I think.

I have a secret to share. It’s deliciously shocking.

I have negative thoughts.

Lots of them.

Sometimes they flow like Niagra Falls into my life.

And there isn’t a damn in the world that can stop up that shift.

Take last night, for example. My (cat) child was up at 3 AM. Crying. Getting in his brothers face while he was trying to sleep. Eating his cat-brothers food for no reason at all (his bowl was full).

I. Was. Not. Pleased.

I was not pleasant.

At first, I kept my spiritual shift together. Congratulating myself on my ability to be calm amidst (what I thought to be) considerable adversity. But then….the negative thoughts. The irritation. The unwelcome anger. And then. Even worse. The shame for having them in the first place.

Lesson 45 reminds me that when I venture just a liiiitle too far down the rabbit hole, like last night. I have a choice. Self abandonment (i.e. guilt) or self-love (i.e. finding my Divine self).

It tells me that no matter what monkey-brain thoughts might seem to be in permanent residence, my Divine mind is the only truth really living there. And the path to find my way back? Loving myself some-more. Providing myself with time. Space. Protection. Compassion.

And even when my circumstances might tell me this is impossible (aka 3 AM kitty tests). If I am patient. If I continue to have faith, seek and believe. The Divine will show up like a fireman. Ready to extinguish everything that is transient illusion.

It begins with asking to choose again. To find the thoughts that are truly me, beyond the illusion of tired. Or irritated. Or angry.

Our Divine thoughts really do live waiting in our minds. Even when they are masked by the smoke and mirrors of life. We begin by asking our Divine selves to help us find them. Then step aside and let the miracle do the work of brining us in communion with the Divine mind that is our true selves.

Happy Loving yourself and all that is Divinely minded you on this day of love Light worker.

Shine on!

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