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Exorcising Our Scary Thoughts-ACIM Lesson 49

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

Have you ever seen the movie the Exorcist?


Stick with me.

For those that haven’t seen the flick, it chronicles the possession of a young girl by a nefarious spirit. It talks through her.

Makes her do scary things. In one scene, it even engages in some graphic projectile vomiting all over a holy man (Yipes!).

In truth, my monkey-brain does the same thing y’all. I’m not kidding.

It tells me negative things about myself. Causes me to react to my world with fear and hiding, rather than love and openness. It even projectiles my negativity all over unsuspecting peeps when I am afraid (even the holiest of beloveds).

Lesson 49 reminds me that this part of my consciousness is not, in fact, the All-That-Is. That my fear-based thoughts, when they seem to take over, can totsdally be exorcised from my life with a little awareness (and maybe a dash of moon/aka holy water).

And differentiating between my hijacked thoughts and my Divine voice is actually easy-peasy.

Is this thought Loving myself? Peaceful? Certain? Then it is truth. Connected. Authentic.

Today’s lesson invites me to step away from any thoughts that inspire fear, distraction, numbing-out, or judgement, and to come back home. To stillness. To Divine self. Where we belong.

Where we have always belonged. In harmony with the transcendent vibration of quiet that is always one small breath away in the silence.

So today I invite you to take a moment. One brief pause. Especially if your thoughts jump on the merry-go-round of scary. Listen for that still, small voice that allows you to center. That connects you to the truth of who you are. At home, and one with the sunbeam of light and love that is infinity. Let THIS voice speak in, through, and as you today. And leave the scary to the horror flicks.

Namaste beloveds. Shine on in truth!

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