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Emotions. Energy in Motion. (And sometimes my personal Darth Vader).ACIM Lesson #302.

Where darkness was, I look upon the light.

The past few days have not been easy, dear readers. I have been emotional shrapnel in a not-so-neat package.

It was one of those weeks where life takes you up and down….And then sideways. Just to be thorough.

I tried to push through the feelings. Tried stuffing them down. I forgot ALL of my tools in the moment. And then my partner walked by and said one simple thing that reversed it all. I was talking to my guides about…..


Oh yeah. Guides. Angels. Souls watching over us that have passed. THOSE awesome peeps.

So I asked for help. And, as always, they delivered. I was reminded that emotions are energy in motion. That feelings need to move through to process and integrate. Resistance is futile! And results in a crescendo of feelings. Sometimes in explosive ways.

My eyes were opened. And I could finally see the truth-I had forgotten where my center was. That Source was helping me to grow while I was focused on my suffering. And that the light was always there through the darkness. I was just focusing on the shadows.

Lesson 302 says that when love comes to call, fear dissipates. That, when we feel the collective energy of a world that feels, at times, uncomfortable. It is simply a reminder of how far we have grown. And of how much Love awaits us when we follow our Divine path.

So today I chose the Light. In the gorgeous flaming sunset. In my cat playing carelessly with his string. And in my heart. When I remember I can place my right hand there. Right-hand on my heart. Left on my belly. In somatic remembrance of who I am in truth. Who we all are. The energy of Source in inevitable motion. And we get to choose our direction.

Let go. Says Source. Don’t resist. And, in times of trouble, turn towards the Light within yourself.

Namaste LightWorker. Shine on!

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