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Elvis Returns! ACIM Lesson #312.

I see all things as I would have them be.

Yesterday I went on a walk. Not unusual. I often take a spin around the park as the sun comes up (yipes!).

As I was walking along, I noticed a man with his dog. My first reaction was not joy at seeing this fellow beloved.

It was grumpy-girl talk:

Why does someone else have to be on the trail. I came out here for a little alone time to be by myself. I don’t want to talk to anyone.


Then his dog ran right up to me. Oblivious to my snarky dialogue. Thrilled to meet a new friend. No attachment to my reaction. No feeling of separation.

Wow again.

Aaaaand. As is tradition with me & animals….I melted. All of my internal resolve to stay apart. All of my need to be alone with myself. Vanished. In one bounding fluff-ball of unconditional joy for a fellow creature walking the path of life.

I can learn a lot from that dog.

What Elvis (the dog’s name) and Lesson 312 remind me, is that we can create a story around how we think our lives must be. About who we think the people we meet on the road of life are. What we think they believe. Our judgements, like my internal dialogue, separate us from our fellow Soul-walkers. Labeling them as beings outside of ourselves. Entities with the thoughts we have created for them. Slaves to our personal perception.

We see only a piece of our fellow humans. From these tiny glimpses we make assumptions about who they are. What they believe. It is inevitable. There is too much information coming at us in the world to try to do otherwise. We fill in the blanks.

But without the totality of who they are, we can forget they are bigger than the pieces. An integral part of the Collective Soul of our experience at this time on earth.

Lesson 312 invites us to see our fellow beloveds with the vision of Christ/Source. To remember the love that can only be our neighbor in truth. To liberate our fellow peeps from any perceived lack we have created for them in our minds. And to be free of false judgements which enables us to connect to our highest selves (and dogs).

Leave behind any visions of who or what you would have life be today LightWorker.

In unity-Namaste.

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