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Echoes of Truth-ACIM Lesson #151

All things are echoes of the Voice of God.

Discernment. Yipes. I have always waged an internal battle with the concepts of discernment vs. judgement. Am I being discerning when I decide X couch fabric is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen?…Or is this judgy?


Here’s the skinny: We grow up in a world that tells us what is good, bad or ugly. And we believe it. According to many studies, we come up with most of our beliefs before the age of 6. SIX! Even more disturbing, our brainwaves at this age match those that, as an adult, emit when hypnotized. You can imagine the power of suggestion is, well, rather strong at this age. And, even when your family is amazing, like mine, appropriate behavior changes quite a bit in a decade.

Or two.

Or five.

So, for example, while loving avocado-colored appliances and orange shag carpet was believed to be fantastic when I was growing up. Today, well, it might be frowned upon and get you some side-eye.

THIS is discernment. Understanding the avocado refrigerators, couch fabrics or human characteristics we might not resonate with, are all echoes of God/Source. Even when that couch fabric or shaggy carpet makes my eyes cross. It’s still someone’s beloved fabric (aka belief). It doesn’t make it wrong, just not what we resonate with at this point in our lives.

Lesson 151 says judgement is decreeing all shag carpet is terrible. At all times. All places. No exceptions. And that it will never be to my taste. Nor should it be for anyone else. Discernment is remembering that all things are echoes of Source. And that even if shag carpet, or someone’s opinion, don’t track with mine-I can recognizing that they might one day. Or, at the very least, I can remember when I once loved shag carpet. Fondly in fact. With love and compassion which can only be born from experience.

It doesn’t mean looking down on or claiming superiority (aka judgement). But it does mean seeing an echo of a part of ourselves in every single thing, person, or place we see. Because just like our senses may deceive, so may our 6-year old born beliefs.

To judge is to disbelieve that the power of the Universe is greater than the power of this world. To put our ego in the captain’s chair of life. And to forget that our compadres on this rolling space ball of a planet are all made of the same stuffs we too were born with. They just may express it shag-carpety vs modern chic.

Only good can come to you who are beloved of God/Source. Release all judgement and witness the echo of this truth. In this you are resurrected beyond illusion. Through THIS do you witness the Source in all you see. Unified. Whole. Thoughts becoming miracles of the wholeness of transformation. Through you this salvation belongs to everyone.

Namaste LightChasers!

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