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Eat It!

When I was a kid I hated green beans. I would sit at the table, stubbornly glaring at the offending green pods, like they were my mortal enemy. GREEN BEENS Bah!

My parents, in a good-natured attempt to build good eating habits, would not let me leave the table until I ate the offensive vegetable. They were looking out for me, but I definitely could not see it at the time. Sound familiar?

My partner & I have a phrase we have coined from these childhood "traumas"-EAT IT! Don’t get me wrong, my parents are kind people-sometimes they only required 2 or 3 beans to jailbreak from the table. And I am grateful for learning the value of good foods....But what I heard, in my immature mind was-EAT IT!

My partner & I use this phrase to remind us when we do things out of habit, rather than by conscious decision.

Today, on my morning walk I was running through my to-do list. I was caught up in the things I should be doing all day-laundry, dishes. Totally ignoring the beauty and majesty all around me.

There were blue skies. Perfect temperate breezes. Warm sunshine dancing on the water before me. Birds chirping merrily. But I was so focused on my future tasks that I was missing it all. I was hoovering big bites of the habits I had fed myself. In essence telling myself to EAT IT! quickly rather than savoring the deliciousness that life provides.

My ask for you today is to try changing one habit for a day. Just one. We do so many things just because we did them yesterday. Because they are what we have always done.

Habits can be helpful, but when I walk through my life on auto-pilot, doing the same thing I’ve done the day before, it usually causes me to miss something awesome.

So today I give you permission to leave the table without finishing your vegetables. To look for the sweetness of dessert before you’ve finished the routine meal of your daily lives.

To break the habit of the known in favor of the magic that will be. And to witness the amazing inspiration that life brings when we’re not so caught up in our to-do’s. Namaste dear ones.

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