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Drink Your Own Kool-Aide

Last year I undertook a little project. Perhaps you’ve heard of it-365 days of ACIM reflections.

The premise was to write a blog for every ACIM Lesson. My take on an amazing work of spirituality.

I’m not gonna lie. It was grueling at times. Rewarding most.

This year I have not been quite so ambitious. I have even felt a little lost without my daily writing practice. What was I to DO. The structure had helped me to be so productive after all….

Hmmmm….One of my life’s lessons has been an impetus to do. The need I feel to produce something the world would call meaningful. Perhaps some of you can relate?

Today I hear the Universe telling me one thing: Drink your own Kool-aide. What have I been telling myself (and all of you beautiful souls listening) over and over? Busy is NOT a badge of honor. And what the world says is valuable. Meaningful. Just might not be the all-that-is.

Hmmmm….. again. If this is true what does the Universe have in store for us phenomenal LightWorkers? Do we even need to know?

My take? Perhaps there is release in this surrendering. A remembrance of the Soul’s blueprint for our lives. Living in the silence.

What if the greatest thing we can ever do is to just let go. The bravest pilgrimage of our lives an exercise in seeking nothing more than the next moment in front of us. What if, the only thing we have ever had to do is just be?

So today I’ll have a little fruit-punch flavored message from my past wisest self. I’ll welcome what the Universe brings me to teach about control. And I’ll remember the Miracle that awaits me in every moment when I remember to fully experience what is. Letting go of the doing. Entering the being.

In love and light Dear LightWorkers (and btw your being-badge looks fantastic on you-very shiny!).

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