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Dreaming a Little Dream-ACIM Review V: Lesson #177

God is but Love, and therefore so am I./There is no death. The Son of God is free. Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.

I had an interesting dream last night. The world was made up of sprawling houses.

They looked like mansions. They had extensions upon extensions. Mashed together like mismatched puzzle pieces.

The strange thing was that though the buildings looked like they were falling apart, their foundations crumbling, the entrances were new. And someone was clearly cultivating the vegetation around them. Even so, the structures themselves were on the edge of self-demolition. Despite their inhabitants’ best efforts.

Lesson 177 tracks with this dream of a deterioration. It reminds us we often keep building onto ideas and paradigms that are old and crumbling. Trying to re-make or jazz up the superficial (aka entrances) in our lives. Instead of recognizing where our true growth lies.

Endings are not always the end Dear Friends. We are free to reinvent ourselves in every moment. Because we are one with Source, we have the unique Divine mission to recreate a new structure for our lives that lives outside of the boundaries any past structure has created. To live as our unique Divine plan intended. To redraw the blueprint of our lives in every single moment. In order to live like we are-Source incarnate.

Because we are. Because we can. Tama Kieves calls this your fearless life’s potential.

And, in order to fulfill this grand design for your greatest potential, we sometimes have to let go of the old. Allow for the endings that always lead to a new beginning. To let the old crumble. In order to rebuild the new greatest paradigm of your most amazing life.

You are greatness. And you always have the freedom to create a new structure for your life, rather than dressing up the old. To let what is past pass. And to recreate a life in the firm foundation of Source itself.

Namaste LightChaser!

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