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Dream a Little Dream. ACIM Lesson #333.

Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict here.

We live in a dream of illusion, A Course of Miracles often states.

This is illustrated nicely by the movie A Beautiful Mind, as pointed out by Pema Chodron.

In A Beautiful Mind the famous mathematician, John Nash, begins seeing things. His delusions talk to him. Interact with him. They even assign top secret jobs for him from the government.

After a long and arduous struggle, he recognizes that one of his delusions, a young girl, never ages. It is life changing for John Nash.

From this point forward he resolves to try to see through what is not there.

Our life, at times, can be very much like the life of John Nash. We may believe angry rhetoric. Give in to hatred or despair. Or we can choose to see it for what it is. Just like John Nash. And decide to live differently. Beyond the illusion. In the warmth of forgiveness.

Things may not change immediately. Or even for a hot minute. But if we continue to have faith, and to believe these delusions are simply one big dream…we can forgive the conflict-within or without. And resolve to let the light of love shine in our world.

Shine on LightChasers.

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