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Dragoons are not Always Friendly. Take Heed. ACIM Lesson #259

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Let me remember that there is no sin.

Recently I was coaching someone one-on-one. It was lovely. The person was lovely.

But afterward my typical self-doubt starting creeping in.

Raising its ugly dragon-head at me. Roaring that there was more I could have done.

Keep in mind this wasn’t actual feedback.

But I heard it anyway. Inside my head.

Lesson 259 says that, much like my dragon-voice. Any voices in our heads that call us less than amazing are only thoughts that hide the truth of our being from the world. They hide our obvious awesome, in favor of a distorted view of reality.

And any attack-bombs your ego throws at your mind? Just an illusory version of guilt, fear, sin, and suffering that only exist there. In our minds.

The reality is that God/Source created you exactly as you should be. Seek refuge in your Source, not any angry voices within. You are, indeed, the Source of All-That-Is. Creating as a piece of the Divine in action. Co-Creating what only you can bring to this lifetime.

And we remain connected to this Source when we bring our unique gifts to this existence. Leave behind self-doubting dragon-voices. Wear your center like a nightlight in the darkness. You can only be as you are-a perfect expression of Source bringing your special brand of love to this world. We need you boo.

Namaste LoveWalker.

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