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Down that Lonely Road-ACIM Review VI: Lesson #220

I am not a body. I am free. For I am STILL as God created me./There is no peace except the peace of God/Source.

Recently I gave a friend a book. This is not uncommon as I am always giving away books. I’m a librarian through & through.

The book (not so surprising given my MO) was self-help. I had seen it and thought that I would like to read it. So I thought she would too.

Unknowingly this friend had recently been through a lot. The death of a loved one. Feeling overwhelmed by all she had to do.

When she received my gift it did not give her the sense of inspiration I had intended. It gave her exactly what she didn’t need.

One more thing to do.

She considered not telling me at all. Considered stifling her feelings and moving on. But instead, she chose to bravely ask me why I had given her this particular book. When I told her she revealed some of had been going on. Crazy expectations being placed on her. The way her mind had raced when she received the gift:

Does Estelle think that I NEED this book right now? What am I putting out there that she thinks that?

We’ve all done it. An idea becomes a thought. Which becomes a belief. It was extremely heart wrenching. And it took a lot of guts to be honest with me about it. In the end we decided to engage in more open communication between us. And I vowed to be a bit more discerning before giving a gift indiscriminately.

Lesson 220 reminds me that no peace can be found from the outside in. That no books (no matter how beloved) or expectations we place on others will ever bring us to the way of peace. They are just off-trail paths that point us on our journey. No matter how lost, or overwhelmed, or inconsiderate we may feel we have an opportunity to reevaluate the lessons on this path.

Sometimes the scenery is lovely. Sometimes a bit bleak. But there is a home that waits within. An anchor of our perfect peace. The way is certain when we let go of what was never ours to give-resistance to a peace beyond our understanding through Source.

Namaste in Peace LightWorker.

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