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Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffe-Lesson # 181

I trust my brothers, who are one with me.

So begins the lessons of addressing blocks in ACIM.

Can I say this for all of us? Yuck.

Blocks are like boulders. Binding us to any past heartaches or uncertainty. Blocks cause us to look outside of ourselves for release from shame. And they can even result is us blaming one-another.

Many moons ago (ok so maybe just a few weeks ago…) I discovered something about blame. Not that I would, as a spiritual peep, EVER blame anyone for something….(Ok so just yesterday).

My partner was ready to help me drop off my car for an oil change. Though he wasn’t in a rush, I began frantically putting up this very computer. And my books, and then….coffee drop. On the floor. All over the carpet.


My first reaction was not to have compassion for myself. Not to wonder what was here for me to learn. But to blame. Ugly blame. Any people not actually involved in the transaction between me and said coffee. Anyone else. So I blamed my partner.

How dare he rush me….If he had just not come upon me at that exact moment….Why wasn’t he HELPING me to clean this up anyway?!!!

Hmmmm…not very spiritual of me….

What I discovered as I was processing my coffee-soaked dishtowels, however, is that Blame=Co-dependence. Let that sink in.

Whether it be a person, or a situation. Blame keeps us tethered to the moments or people in time we are often seeking to release.

Lesson 181 says all we need do is change our focus. For a moment. For a single instance. This is where it begins. To remind ourselves that the coffee stain we blame ourselves or anyone else for is not what we will look upon today. To remember that in the transcendent one-ness there is only the holy self and that of our sinless brothers & sisters.

Trust in the eternal present. In the holy instant that is the All-That-Is. Let the spilled coffee blocks in your life go. And watch that stain on your consciousness come right up. Trust that the other is yourself. Be free. Be well. Be one.

Namaste LightWorker!

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