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Ditching the Story...Lesson 31 ACIM

I am not a victim of the world I see.

Lesson 31 is a wonderful mantra to use when sh** hits the fan.

I tend to think of my life on the external.

That what I see is the all there is.

When my car won’t start, I growl at the car. When my partner leaves the dishes out, I roll my eyes at his supposed negligence.

What I often forget to do. What I sometimes forget to factor in. Is my thoughts about what is happening, during the triggers.

Lesson 31 asks me to be indiscriminate about what happens in my life. External. Internal. The faulty car or purportedly errant husband. Each might suggest that I have zero control. That I play no part in either. When, in fact, they both play a part inwhat shows up for me to do.

And each can create a victim mentality. An attachment to a feeling. Like something is coming at me. Instead of working with me. To release.

And while there are many things we have signed up to receive in this life, there are simultaneously many things which we bring to ourselves for release. Including the victim mentality I try on with the dishes.

But when I take the time to look at the dishes or the car battery a little closer, I can recognize the freedom of what is, and the amazing that can be, when I release what is no longer mine to attach to.

I am not a victim of the world I see frees me to experience life as it is. The present of presence. In my mind. In my actions. In my heart. Free from the baggage that tries to attach itself to the emotions I no longer want to create with and from. Be in peace. Be in presence. Release the rest.

Peace & Love Light Workers!

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