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Dare to Chance the Rapids-ACIM Lesson #168

Your grace is given me. I claim it now.

When I was youngish I hated trying new things. The expectation. The fear of not measuring up. The fear was great enough I avoided trying things. Like getting my lifeguarding certificate. Or paddling rapids white water rafting.

In truth, I was seldom up for an adventure. I was nestled, quite comfortably, in my own fear.

I thought my caution insulated me. That it helped keep me safe. But it followed me into adulthood. Where I stayed in many jobs or relationships that no longer served me. And it kept me from experiences the Universe was trying to teach me through.

Lesson 168 gifts us with the grace of stepping outside of any self-created boxes we might be living in. It invites us not to beat ourselves up or despair of opportunities that feel lost. But to remember our Source has infinite grace for these very moments. Whether we are awake to them or not.

Source loves us. And will, in grace, continue to provide us with all of the things we need to learn and grow through.

As I got older I realized that just because I was fearful didn’t mean I had failed. In fact, these were often moments I was pushing a boundary. Where my life was expanding into something bigger than I could conceptualize in the present time/space moment.

And through these moments I learned the best part: There is no rush. Source preserves these moments within our hearts. Waiting to be acknowledged. Reminding us of the limitless beings we truly are. Patiently preserving what is ours to live until we are ready to receive their gifts.

Eventually I did take that white water rafting trip. It was terrifying. And glorious. And now-not such a big deal. I’ve grown beyond that fear. Now on to tackle the next…

May the light of grace and opportunity be yours dear friends. Claim it now.

Namaste LightWorkers!

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